Two Coins

appreciation in value and usability for real world transactions

UBIQUICOIN will deliver two currencies: one stable in value and backed by cash and cash equivalents (the Transaction Coin); and one that operates in a free market environment, with the potential to appreciate and benefitting from downside protection via a financial guarantee (the Progressive Coin). We firmly believe this unique two-coin approach is the solution that will allow our cryptocurrency to make the leap from a purely speculative investment vehicle to a truly usable form of currency anywhere in the world. To tackle the concerns of consumers and merchants who may be reluctant to use a highly volatile coin for commerce, we created our Transaction Coin, which will maintain a stable and predictable value. For coin investors, we’ll offer the Progressive Coin, which will trade freely and has the potential to appreciate in value. Additionally, Progressive Coins will share in up to 20% of all revenue generated in the UBIQUICOIN ecosystem, yet another mechanism designed to drive the value of the coins higher.

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Transaction Coins

Transaction Coins will be used to make purchases and transfers. The anticipated inherent stability of these coins and their reliability as a usable form of commerce will be a key advantage of using the Transaction Coin.

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Two Objectives

In order to realize two separate objectives – usability for real world transactions and appreciation in value as an investment vehicle – we have created two coins, specifically designed to fulfill each purpose.

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Progressive Coins (BIQP)

Unlike Transaction Coins, Progressive Coins (offered in the ICO) will have the ability to appreciate because they’ll be limited in number, and will share up to 20% of revenue generated in the UBIQUICOIN ecosystem.

Reduced Friction Costs

We will be able to offer instantaneous transfer of wealth at a fraction of the cost of alternative options in the marketplace. Currency conversion fees, bank fees, and wire transfer fees will be avoided entirely by transferring funds via the Transaction Coin.

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Key Differences Between The Coins

Characteristic Transactional Coins Progressive Coins (BIQP)
Number of Coins Issued Unlimited but based on market need Limited
Potential for Appreciation No - Stable Value Yes
Revenue Share No Up to 20%
Purpose Domestic and international transfers
Purchases of goods and services
Other financial transactions
Store of value
Appreciation (traded on exchanges)
Revenue share
Store of value<
Security Each coin backed by cash and cash equivalents equal to $1.00 Underpinned by a 2 year financial guarantee of $1.00 per coin that is distributed to coin holders upon a triggering event

Transaction Coins

Transaction Coins will be used to make purchases or transfer money; and can be held as a stable store of value. A blockchain will track all Transaction Coins minted, as warranted by consumer demand, and cash receipts from newly minted Transaction Coins will be invested in ultra-low risk assets, but they are not part of this ICO. Importantly, greatly reduced volatility in the ongoing value of the Transaction Coin will allow UBIQUICOIN to confidently penetrate the marketplace and solidify market share. In this way, UBIQUICOIN will be able to mitigate the obstacles that have prevented other cryptocurrencies from becoming useful means of commerce, instead of purely speculative investment vehicles.

Progressive Coins

Total Progressive Coins in circulation will be capped by smart contracts that prohibit additional coins from entering the market from the reserve until pre-determined requirements have been met. Similarly, the reserve cannot be increased without consensus approval. Therefore, the number of Progressive Coins in circulation will be limited, predictable, and fully disclosed. Progressive Coins will receive up to 20% of revenue from the UBIQUICOIN ecosystem, paid in Transaction Coins. Assuming the adoption and usage of Transaction Coins increases over time, the pro-rata share of the revenue stream is expcted to increase.