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Everyone Can Now Be A Part Of The Global Community

UBIQUICOIN will offer an ecosystem capable of dramatically reducing the friction costs associated with investment and commerce, and has the potential to also provide significant, uncapped, recurring income for all participants. Through blockchains that are based on our proprietary Proof of Majority, and by utilizing existing worldwide strategic relationships, UBIQUICOIN will deliver a democratically decentralized ecosystem backed by a diversified pool of low risk assets; UBIQUICOIN seeks to diminish the flaws of traditional banking systems in order to help mitigate the growing inequalities in our society.

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8 Initial Services

An ecosystem with one deliverable is not an ecosystem. An ecosystem must operate to serve the macro needs of its population. UBIQUICOIN has built its base ecosystem with 8 distinct, useful services for the banked, unbanked, and underserved of the world.

Multiple Shared Revenue Streams

To truly include everyone in the ecosystem, UBIQUICOIN will share up to 20% of the ecosystem's revenue streams to all Progressive Coin holders. Regardless of their activity in the ecosystem, Progressive Coin holders will benefit from collective activity of Transaction Coin users.

Borrow From Individuals World-Wide

In the UBIQUICOIN ecosystem, anyone with currency, regardless of its form (crypto or fiat) will be able to lend virtually any amount to any coin holder. The ecosystem will match the best lender to the borrower and provide the best conversion rates among the currencies.

Unlimited Debit Card Access

Low purchasing volatility, worldwide acceptance, and unrestrained spending limits are key attributes of a truly useful debit card. ATM access and universal acceptance for mercantile goods and services will soon be hallmarks of the UBIQUICOIN debit card processing mechanisms.

Investment Options

Access to over 73,000 mutual funds and ETFs worldwide, all offered with no transaction fees and no account minimums.

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Micro Loans

Access to credit from a pool of lenders including other Transaction Coin holders, across international borders, with minimum fees and waiting times.

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Person To Person

Transaction Coins Transaction Coins are fully backed by cash and cash equivalents, stable in value, totally liquid; perfect for person-to-person payments.

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Charitable Giving

Charitable giving with complete transparency, reduced transactions costs, more trust, and full currency integration.

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Debit Card

Debit card access to Transaction Coins without daily limits, at perfect interchange rates, and with ultra-low fees.

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Merchant Inclusion

Merchants will receive reduced discount rates and immediate conversion to fiat currencies, incenting them to accept Transaction Coins.

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HealthCare Savings

Through no-transaction fee investment services with a potential to increase in value, coin holders can save for healthcare costs.

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Educational Savings

Through no-transaction fee investment services with a potential to increase in value, coin holders can save for educational costs.

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