Our Guarantee

the security of real downside protection backed by real assets

Coins offered in UBIQUICOIN’s ICO will be backed by a financial guarantee that scales with the size of the ICO. A large, licensed and regulated international financial institution (the “Guarantor”) has agreed to provide up to a $50 million guarantee (described below). The Guarantor holds a diversified pool of assets in excess of 400 million Pounds Sterling that will serve as the basis for this guarantee. Additionally, UBIQUICOIN will provide a further guarantee based on the size of the ICO, and will be backed with its own pool of ultra-low risk, diversified investments.

Real Downside Protection

Our financial guarantee will provide coin holders with the security of real downside protection and the confidence of knowing a highly respected third party will have vetted the currency and the UBIQUICOIN business plan.

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Third Party Validation

The guarantee provides UBIQUICOIN coin holders with third party validation of its business strategy. Cryptocurrencies are a nascent market, and like any other developing market segment, some companies succeed spectacularly, while others fail – due to flawed business plans, lack of capital investment, or malfeasant actions by management teams. By providing a guarantee of up to $50 million, our Guarantor will be speaking with its pocketbook. We believe a hard money guarantee to be an exceedingly strong vote of confidence in the UBIQUICOIN venture.

All coins purchased in the ICO have a 2 year Financial Guarantee of $1.00 per coin.

Size of the Guarantee

The guarantee will provide all Progressive Coin holders with real, quantifiable downside protection. The guarantee scales with the size of the ICO, so if 100 million coins are sold in the ICO the guarantee will be $100 million. If 200 million coins are sold, the guarantee will tally at $200 million, and so on. The pricing for Progressive Coins starts at $1.00 per coin, and then scales up based on the total size of the raise. For those who invest early and buy coins at $1.00, the guarantee will cover 100% of the purchase price. For those investing in the 2nd tranche at $1.25 per coin, the guarantee will provide 80% downside protection.

How the Guarantee Works

A Trust will deliver $1.00 per coin to Progressive Coin holders if any of the following Triggering Events: (a) The Company declares bankruptcy, (b) The Company fails to pay dividends as set forth herein for three (3) consecutive months provided that such non-delivery is not the result of: (i) an internal technological issue that the Company is working to resolve; or (ii) a technological issue unrelated to the Company’s operations, (c) Senior management commits fraud or other illegal activity that materially impacts the Company’s ability to generate revenue, (d) The Company fails to provide an annual audit by an accounting firm of its revenue within six (6) months of the calendar year end, (e) The Company willfully dissolves or intentionally ceases operation. See the whitepaper for more detailed information.

About the Guarantor

Schneider Securities Ltd is a company incorporated under the laws of England and Wales with registered number 06562582 having its registered office at 4/4a Bloomsbury Square, London, England, WC1A 2RP. Schneider was formed in Switzerland in 1991 and redomiciled to the UK in 1999 with its history dating back to 1119. Schneider and its subsidiaries operate under the auspices of the Financial Conduct Authority, the International Chamber of Commerce and the European Banking Authority and the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius.

The only digital currency backed by a multi-million U.S. dollar financial guarantee.