Revenue Sharing

A Pro-Rata Share Of All Revenue From The Entire UBIQUICOIN Ecosystem

UBIQUICOIN was conceived to allow everyone, the world over, to participate in a truly democratized economy. Everyone will be welcome to the Transaction Coin platform, regardless of nationality, geo-location or net worth.

Share In All Revenues

Each month, Progressive Coin holders will receive up to 20% of the revenue that the UBIQUICOIN ecosystem generates. This revenue will be paid in the form of Transaction Coins. Assuming the use of Transaction Coins increases over time – via additional coin mintage and/or higher velocity of money – revenue returns to each Progressive Coin holder will increase commensurately with the fees collecting in the ecosystem.

No Mining Required

Participation in The UBIQUICOIN ecosystem is not reliant on the activity of mining, therefore eliminating these barriers of entry: costly and extensive computer networks; electricity requirements; tech expertise. UBIQUICOIN will avoid entirely the downside of scaled coin dilution inherent in mining.

Potential Appreciation in Value

Progressive Coins will receive larger and larger distributions as adoption of Transaction Coins expands, therefore the value of each Progressive Coin will increase commensurately. Given what we believe to be the size of the potential worldwide market for Transaction Coins, the likelihood of significant appreciation could be quite substantial.

A finite number of coins sharing equally in a rising level of revenue means huge potential for coin appreciation.

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% Revenue Share


Revenue Sources


Initial Services


Time Spent Mining

No Coin Dilution

In order to speed up transaction processing times and eliminate dilution to the coin base, UBIQUICOIN has decided to reject reward-based mining and has instead determined to create a reward-sharing revenue stream for the ecosystem generated by a community of worldwide Transaction Coin users. Computer power or processing speed will not just be inconsequential, they will be totally irrelevant.

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Purchases of Goods and Services

UBIQUICOIN will generate a small fee each time a Transaction Coin is used to purchase a good or service. These fees will help offset the costs of tracking transactions, managing the hard dollars backing the coins, and all other support services related to the coins. Importantly, these fees will be a mere fraction of the prevailing fees charged by credit card companies or banks for similar transactions.

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Transfers from/to UBIQUICOIN

Like other cryptocurrencies, UBIQUICOINs will be transferable to/from one person to another and exchanged to/from other digital currencies. We believe that UBIQUICOINs will have greater price stability due to improved liquidity provided by underlying assets. This will reduce the friction costs typically found in fund transfers and conversion between cryptocurrencies. UBIQUICOIN will charge only a nominal fee for each of these transactions.

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Transfers Using Fiat Currencies

UBIQUICOIN will rely on unique partnerships with banks, payment processors, money transmitters, and other financial services institutions. Our approach stands in striking contrast to other peer-to-peer networks, most of which seek to disintermediate existing players. UBIQUICOIN is also designed to interface directly with consumers, whether they’re other coin holders and fiat currency users. Moreover, UBIQUICOIN will significantly reduce transfer fees and exchange margins, providing financial institutions with the flexibility to pass on savings to end customers (consumers and businesses). Managing profit margins will allow UBIQUICOIN holders to participate in associated revenue streams.

Revenue Sources

All UBIQUICOIN revenue streams will collect into a single pool for pro-rata disbursement to Progressive Coin holders and paid out in Transaction Coins.

Debit Card Processing

All debit card transactions will generate a nominal fee to be deposited into the ecosystem revenue pool.

Banks and Merchants

Because UBIQUICOIN will reduce correspondent banking fees, counterparty risk, and settlement times, we will be able to offer reduced friction costs to banks and merchants, displacing existing payment rails, thereby creating new revenues for the UBIQUICOIN ecosystem.

Investment Pool

Although there will be no transaction fees associated with Transaction Coin investments, certain investment product manufacturers/underwriters/retailers will commit to share revenue with UBIQUICOIN for providing access to the investment products – revenue that will be pooled for sharing in the ecosystem.

Currency Movement

A nominal fee will be charged to offset the costs of tracking coin transactions, managing the movement of the hard dollars backing the coins, and all other support services related to the coins.

Loan Processing

A nominal interest rate and processing fee will be collected as part of loan origination for loans between Transaction Coin holders. These nominal conversion fees will collect in the ecosystem revenue pool.

Liquidity Pool

An exchange rate will be imposed by the Liquidity Provider to convert Progressive Coins to Transactions Coins; a nominal fee from the conversion will be collected in the revenue pool.