Our Roadmap

Continual Enhancement and Growth

Of the initial services to be offered by UBIQUICOIN, 4 are deployed and 4 are under development. Work is underway to complete the undeployed services and to enhance currently deployed services. Many services fall under regulatory control in certain global regions and UBIQUICOIN's team of legal and technical engineers are diligently working to make sure everyone, regardless of socio-economic strata or geo-location will be included in the UBIQUICOIN ecosystem.

Iamge Description

Expand Lender Pool

To increase assets for Micro Loans and Macro Loans three sources of lenders will be expanded: (1) individual controlling assets pools; (2) traditional financial institutional lenders; and (3) UBIQUICOIN revenue shares repurposed for loans.

Expand Liquidity Providers

While Transaction Coins are backed by cash and cash equivalents, Liquidity Providers create liquidity for Progressive Coin holders. The more Liquidity Providers in our pool, the more competitive conversion rates will be.

Expand Revenue Sources

As the ecosystem's services set grows and worldwide adoption increases, revenue sources and revenue streams will rise, providing coin holders with an accumulating share of revenue.

Reduce Ecosystem Friction

Reducing friction costs will be essential to improving the usability and suitability of the ecosystem for everyone, regardless of socio-economic strata or geo- location. Lower frictions costs directly correlate to expansive reach and inclusion.

Expand Ecosystem Services

The initial deployment of services in the UBIQUICOIN ecosystem are designed to cover the most pressing financial needs of the banked, unbanked, and underserved. We know that individuals in the world economy have many non-financial needs, and over time we will add services to address them.

Address Regulatory Concerns

Worldwide regulatory agencies control and monitor certain aspects of our lives, regardless of what infrastructures we use to conduct transactions. Devoid of political change, this is an immutable fact and the UBIQUICOIN ecosystem has been designed to keep pace with rules and regulations around the globe.